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New Bang Presents:

Valley of the Tiki Beats

(Releasing on July 27th)

In the Valley of the Tiki Beats, the pacific rhythms of exotica are transformed into tropical hip hop of a rum-fueled faux-jungle. New Bang creates an immersive audio collage of exotica samples and musicians brought together over dirty beats. The first single “Fader Vic’s” is a turntablist voyage with scratched jungle calls over a brooding beat. The album continues through beach bumming laid back grooves, to funky uptempo beats with surf influences; all while keeping its volcanic hip-hop core. Perfect for relaxing by the poolside or creating an instant tiki bar atmosphere.

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More About “Valley of the Tiki Beats”

Producer New Bang had always enjoyed sampling from often neglected exotica, lounge, and other strange records; but with the revival of all things Tiki, it’s the perfect time to dedicate an entire project to this style of beats. Starting with just an MPC1000 using records; digging for exotica samples and dirty drums, the project soon grew in scope as musicians were brought in to add texture and melody. Though exotica records have been used as sample sources before, Valley of the Tiki Beats developed its own unique sound.

This sonic cocktail is scheduled to release July 27th on all major digital platforms, along with a limited edition cassette. New Bang is reaching out to other DJs and producers for remixes. Various promotions are being planned for cross marketing with cocktail and tiki culture, as well as live events in the Nashville area.

For fans of: Exotica and Lounge Music, Instrumental Hip-Hop, Kid Koala, Dr. Octagon, Madlib, MF Doom